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still here

Aug. 21st, 2010 | 02:33 pm

Yes, I am still here.... I know it's been like 4 months since I posted.  

Recently I decided to go "no poo" (which is not using shampoo to wash my hair) and if you have not heard of this movement, well, it doesn't mean that I decided to let my hair get grody and greasy.  Essentially, shampoo strips your hair of oils, and can be harsh and if you stop stripping the oils off, it regulates itself to be shiny and lovely.

That's the theory, at least.

Since I go at least 2 days between shampooing anyway, I figured I would try this method.  I waited an extra day and then jumped right in- right in the shower to use the baking soda wash.  I did it wrong cause I didn't do that much research about it, so my hair felt like straw.  Though this may have happened anyway because there is a transition period when you start.

No poo #2: did it right, using a baking soda and water mix and a "conditioner" of apple cider vinegar and water.  This time?  My hair actually looked and felt GREAT.  Seriously- it was soft and clean.  And I made my hubs smell my head and he said that he did not smell vinegar, so YAY!  (Well, he said that there was a slight trace smell, but that it could have been in the air from when I was mixing my conditioner.

All going well so far- though I do notice that after no poo #2, for a bit it was fine, but when I brushed it before bed the next day, it was very static-y.  I don't really like that.  So I am going to research a bit more and see if there are other conditioner options.

Also- does no poo mean that you don't use styling products as well?  I could always use an after-shower conditioner, for example.  And does the baking soda blend effectively clean, say, hair spray off your hair? 

Have YOU gone "no poo"?   I'd love to hear your experience with it!

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ahead of the game, yet falling behind

Mar. 5th, 2010 | 09:50 pm

So I am ahead of the game for my resolution to read 2 books a month.....

In March, I have already read :

Austenland by Shannon Hale
American on Purpose by Craig Ferguson

....because I am able to read while I pump milk.  So I have a list going from the library....thank goodness for the home delivery service!  But I have no time for other things, like Facebook updates or, oh, I don't know- SLEEP!   Oh how I miss sleep.  Not little catnaps here and there....I mean the dead-to-the-world, lazy Saturday, LOOOOOOOONG stretches of sleep.   Like 6 or 7 hours at a time.  Or the indulgent 10 I used to get before Levi was born.  (Well, one day a week, but that's way more than I am getting now.)

I am definitely looking forward to sleeping again.  Meanwhile, I still contend that babies are made SO DAMN CUTE as a survival mechanism. 

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February Update a few days early......

Feb. 24th, 2010 | 01:01 am

1. See the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" at Universal (Can't yet- it's not open)
2. Take a LUSH bath once a month (Can't take a bath yet- but will use a shower thingy on my birthday!)
3. Set aside $15 per month for a year-end LUSH spree during their annual sale (forgot to do this.....will try to do it tomorrow?)
4. Keep my "eligible for leads" status with Pampered Chef (well, this may or may not happen- I need to have someone sign up and I actually have an interview with someone tomorrow, so who knows?)
5. Get a system for keeping the house "clean" without having to spend days fully devoted to nothing but cleaning (this one needs some research) (Can you say "just had a baby?" Finally vacuumed today- it's been 4 weeks.  YUCK!  Don't know WHEN I will be able to call the house "clean" again.  Ugh.)
6. Put a new sink in the guest bathroom (ha!  nothing yet...)
7. Read two books a month (American Girls About Town and Bitter is the New Black...CHECK!)
8. Practice patience...with myself, my kids, my husband, as well as total strangers (Um, yeah.  About as patient as I can be right now.)
9. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements 8 (Not yet.  Have not even come close to opening this program in the past month.)
10. Be better at sticking to the budget- spend less, save more and all that jazz. (Seeing as how our circumstances may be changing soon, I better get REALLY good at this one.  But so far, so good.  If you can't drive, you can't really spend money.)

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Feb. 11th, 2010 | 06:56 pm

So, about half an hour after my last LJ entry, I went into labor. Which means (cause they time it based on when you START the entry) it was likely about 5 minutes after I posted/finished it.

Here is the story.

2am- went upstairs to go to sleep....while walking up the stairs, my water broke.  I tried to get some sleep, but that didn't seem to work too well for me. The contractions hurt way more when I was not upright.




Contractions were all over the place, time-wise.  They trended toward 55 seconds long, 3-5 minutes apart.  The weird thing is that they did not stay consistent.  I labored in the tub for a very long time, groaning and rocking and enjoying the hot water.  A few surges felt REALLY strong and just ‘different’ and I asked Kelli to check me.  She realized that even though I’d had a gush of waters and continued to “drip” all morning, I still had an intact bag so she ruptured it and I was 10 CM dilated and ready to push.  (And wow was there a TON of amniotic fluid coming out!  I just walked to the shower and got in there to let it keep coming out.) I have NO frame of reference of time, but I think this was just after noon. 

And I tried to push in the tub, but didn’t seem to be getting far and they took me to the birthing stool.  I didn’t like the sensation of leaning BACK and wanted to lean forward.  Then they took me to the bed and I laid down on my back and Kelli again followed me putting 2 fingers in, helping me find my push.  Then they rolled me on my side, then my other side, then on hands and knees and then back to the birthing stool.

I do know that I kept saying that I didn’t know how much longer I could continue.  I wasn’t able to relax my legs at all in between contractions, so the gaps were still uncomfortable and did not allow me to recover and get ready for the next surge.  Also, I had tried several times to urinate but I could NOT seem to do it.  (Ah, foreshadowing! )

Kelli was checking my BP and gave me a strong dose of Mama Calm to drink.  She kept checking it and was not liking what she was seeing.  And I honestly felt that my body was giving out on me, so when she said that we needed to go over our options, I was ready to transfer.  All I said was “Not Winnie” and she said okay.  I kept experiencing really strong contractions and everyone was telling me to breathe through them to keep me from pushing.  THAT WAS HARD!  I was carrying all my tension in my legs and it was hard to make it to the car- a rush at the top of the stairs, one on the stairs, one as we got into the car, and several on the drive….one in the wheelchair in the elevator, one in the hallway as I was being pushed, one in the room of a BAJILLION people, asking me to get in bed, take off my clothes, sign forms, answer questions.  Oh yeah, and I was in such a rush to get to the hospital, Chylain helped me into a Depends, I already had a sport bra on and told Kirk to grab a nightgown for me.  I didn’t grab my phone, purse, or even shoes!  I think it was just after 5pm when we decided to go to the hospital.

I am not 100% certain of the details of this, as I was in a haze, but from what I could tell, when we got there, the surgeon (Dr Crider) asked Kelli if we should "do an epidural and let her keep pushing" first.  OMG!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT GUY???  Kelli told him she was pretty sure that would not be an option, but that if he wanted to take a look at things, to feel free....he came in and did a quick assessment and realized (of course) that Kelli was right and surgery was going to be needed.  And again, thank goodness for a holistic provider- she wasn't just looking at paper read-outs or numbers from a monitor...she had the wisdom to know something was not right.  (But again, props to that guy- seriously.)

And then I had THREE more contractions while the anesthesiologist was trying to get my spinal in.  (He bent 3 needles trying to get it in right.  Bless his heart- I know he was doing a good job given the situation, but I couldn't help saying "isn't he done yet?" cause LORDY that's some pain- having a contraction, laying on your right side, NOT pushing and keeping "as still as possible".)

And then my legs relaxed and I felt such relief that I didn’t even know was possible.  All that tension I was carrying in them was instantly gone.  And I was so tired that I felt like I was going to go to sleep right then and there.

Honestly, when we decided to transfer, I felt like I had “wussed out”.  While I was upset that I was letting myself down, I was in so much “scary” pain that I didn’t care.  It felt different than the pain I’d been having.  And maybe that should have been a clue.

The anesthesiologist placed warm blankets on my arms to keep me cozy.  Then he asked if I would like to see the mirror and watch Levi coming out….of course I said yes and it was WONDERFUL.  Then they brought him to me, laid him on my chest, and let him sit there for awhile.

The surgeon was AMAZING- he was so kind and he was explaining everything that he was doing after  Levi came out….he “recommended” staples because of the bladder problem, he “advised against” another VBAC attempt because of the uterine opening. (Yep- you read that right....) And Kelli totally agreed.  And frankly, so did I.

Here’s what led to my transfer: the same EXACT scenario as Jackson’s birth.  He would not descend- he was handling it just fine, but my body was having problems.  My BP spiked and wasn’t going down.  Once I was opened up, they found particulate matter in my bladder- enough to render the catheter unable to drain me (and I had not been able to pee at home, despite drinking TONS of coconut water) which was likely causing me to hold the tension in my legs.  Also, there was a “window” of opening along my original incision line….so my uterus was not working efficiently because it was not intact in the way it’s supposed to be.  These things combined made me feel my body wasn’t working with me- because it WASN’T- it needed help.

I cannot say enough good things about that surgeon- Dr Crider, after the surgery, walked around the drape to talk to me face to face and explained that the uterus had a "window" (never used the scary "rupture" word) and that it wasn't working at maximum efficiency as it is supposed to- and that was part of the reason that the home birth did not work for me.

Post-surgery, I had a catheter (and I did until the following Wednesday- 10 days- ugh!) and my bladder eventually had to be irrigated because of all the blood clots.  (They used 6 LARGE containers of saline and it wasn't completely clear, they had to change the cath opening to a much larger size so that the clots would not cause a problem with drainage, and until they did that, the thing had to be changed/re-inserted three separate times.) *Side note- I felt like I was in an episode of Scrubs, b/c the urologist told my nurse to "get the residents up here" and when they arrived, he was like "do you SEE this?" and then gave them a dressing down about not doing anything.  It looked like someone had been slaughtered on my bed when he was done- bloody saline was EVERYWHERE- on the walls, the curtain, the tray by the bed, and soaked all the bed linens of course.

Even the nurses were saying "you've been through so much" at that point.  One of them even called me TWICE from home to see how I was doing.  (This was the one who was on staff at the time that I had the run-in with Dr Alanna The Evil, who had told me it was "child abuse" to not feed Levi at least an ounce every 3 hours when he was not yet 48 hours old.)

I know I am leaving a lot out, but that's all I've got right now.

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one month in....

Jan. 31st, 2010 | 01:27 am

Okay, so we are one full month into the new year....let's see how we're doing with the resolutions!

1. See the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" at Universal (Can't yet- it's not open)
2. Take a LUSH bath once a month (done! Mr Butterball bath bomb!)
3. Set aside $15 per month for a year-end LUSH spree during their annual sale (so far, so good)
4. Keep my "eligible for leads" status with Pampered Chef (well, this may or may not happen, but I have done everything on my end that I can do, including meeting my sales goal for January and setting up 5 catalog parties for Feb, 2 of which have already "started")
5. Get a system for keeping the house "clean" without having to spend days fully devoted to nothing but cleaning (this one needs some research) (I have a system started, with the monthly routines working great and the weekly routines generally 80% workable and still need to work on nightly routine...but we ARE in process, so I consider this good so far)
6. Put a new sink in the guest bathroom (ha!  nothing yet...)
7. Read two books a month (HypnoBirthing and Ina May's Guide to Childbirth...CHECK!)
8. Practice patience...with myself, my kids, my husband, as well as total strangers (I work on this one ALL THE TIME.  Don't know that I am getting any better, but I am trying.)
9. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements 8 (Not yet.  Got REALLY frustrated with it, but no closer to knowing how the heck to use it.)
10. Be better at sticking to the budget- spend less, save more and all that jazz. (This has been off and on, especially since the past few weeks have been all crazy what with having nesting urges and family in town and stuff.)

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Jan. 27th, 2010 | 05:48 pm

I find it highly amusing to go out in public now....ya see, I am, in scientific terms, what they call HUGE.  Yes, huge.  So when I am out and about and doing my normal day-to-day stuff (cause ya know, it's just another day) people feel compelled to ask me when I am due.

And I say "Saturday" and they start to stammer.

Personally, I am totally entertained by this.  I can't wait til I can say "it WAS Saturday"....I bet the reactions are even BETTER!

It's like no one understands that due dates are actually just educated guesses.  Or perhaps they believe that the baby is SUPPOSED to come early?  Which makes me wonder- do they think the baby has a calendar in there?

In all seriousness, though, props to the guys at Miller's Hardware.  They asked, I answered, they asked what they could help me with.  No "ohMAHgoodness, should I have 911 on speed dial" nonsense.  Kudos to you guys!  It's like you've actually been around a woman who is pregnant before.   : )

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ah the puking

Jan. 19th, 2010 | 12:01 am

It seems that I can't escape the puking while pregnant.  With Jackson, it was a bout of food poisoning.  With Levi, well, I caught a stomach bug...and a nasty one at that.  Thankfully, it's over.  And thankfully, it did not bring on real contractions, as it might have done, since I have less than 2 weeks to go.

OMG less than 2 weeks to go!  This EXACT time with Jackson, I was 1 hour into being induced.  I was getting Stadol because the misoprostol was hitting me SO HARD and giving me wicked contractions.

I feel that I have already hit a milestone, in this respect.  I love and trust my body this time.

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time flies

Jan. 16th, 2010 | 08:51 pm

Oh how time flies!  I can't believe that I only have 2 weeks until my official due date.  (And likely 3 weeks until I actually have the baby.)
I feel like there is so much to do still.  And I am having NO NESTING at all.  I mean, I am cleaning the house, but on the normal schedule/pace.  I haven't been reorganizing closets or anything.  I'd actually like to nest a bit- the house could use a good thorough cleaning.  Just today, I decided I just "didn't want to" clean the guest room, like I had planned.  (We have company coming on Wednesday- my SIL- and as soon as she leaves, my MIL will be here, so it really needs to get cleaned before my SIL comes.)

But you know what I would rather do?  Sudoku puzzles.  Seriously.  I do a lot of them.  (With Jackson, all I wanted to do was Spider Solitaire toward the end.)


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Adventures in Juicing

Jan. 10th, 2010 | 12:26 am

So I decided that I needed to borrow a juicer because all of a sudden, pregnant folks around me are talking about how they are juicing to prevent edema and keep blood pressure down, etc.

I called Mom and she and her boyfriend BOTH have juicers so they said that they would be happy to loan me one. YAY! (Cause damn those things can be expensive!)

Naturally, I started juicing carrots and apples....because....well.....because.....um, because that's what they recommend at Whole Foods if you aren't a "juicer". So yeah. Carrots and apples. And I was SO proud of myself.

Saw my midwife on Thursday and she said I should expand that and made suggestions.

I went to Publix today and got some juicing stuff. Funny thing is that I was going to be scrapbooking all day, and so I was wondering (at first) if I would be able to put all my bags in the church's fridge. HA HA HA HA...then I realized that with the temps being 35 degrees or so, I could just leave em in the car and they would be FINE!

So I did.

Got home, and made the following:

carrots (4 or 5?)
1 C grapes
handful of collard greens
half a cucumber, seeded

An interesting blend. (I am calling it a hurricane because the foam on top is green and orange.) Not bad, actually. But now I am out of carrots. I got the HUGE bag at Publix and have already gone through them all.

I am VERY much looking forward to juicing the watermelon (and the rind) because I looooooove watermelon. The small seedless ones were on sale at Publix so I have one already.

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Jan. 7th, 2010 | 12:23 am

So the other day on my FB, someone suggested that I make a list of "PFYP" or, "Punk for Your Preschooler" because (and I have to brag here) the other day, my son walked into the kitchen and said "brass monkey, that funky monkey" and I was SO PROUD!

Hee hee

Well, it got me thinking...I only have about 2 more radio shows before I take my maternity leave. (I really don't want to go into labor on-air at midnight and have to call someone to come in and/or worry about calling Campus Safety re: asking housekeeping staff to clean up amniotic fluid if my water breaks.) So that made me think it would be a good idea to have a PFYP show. Also, I would like to do one where all the songs say "baby" in them.

I love a good theme show!

So feel free to suggest songs for either of these themes here....the groups have to be punk or ska or hardcore....though I don't fancy the hardcore stuff myself. Thanks in advance!

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