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Adventures in Juicing

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Jan. 10th, 2010 | 12:26 am

So I decided that I needed to borrow a juicer because all of a sudden, pregnant folks around me are talking about how they are juicing to prevent edema and keep blood pressure down, etc.

I called Mom and she and her boyfriend BOTH have juicers so they said that they would be happy to loan me one. YAY! (Cause damn those things can be expensive!)

Naturally, I started juicing carrots and apples....because....well.....because.....um, because that's what they recommend at Whole Foods if you aren't a "juicer". So yeah. Carrots and apples. And I was SO proud of myself.

Saw my midwife on Thursday and she said I should expand that and made suggestions.

I went to Publix today and got some juicing stuff. Funny thing is that I was going to be scrapbooking all day, and so I was wondering (at first) if I would be able to put all my bags in the church's fridge. HA HA HA HA...then I realized that with the temps being 35 degrees or so, I could just leave em in the car and they would be FINE!

So I did.

Got home, and made the following:

carrots (4 or 5?)
1 C grapes
handful of collard greens
half a cucumber, seeded

An interesting blend. (I am calling it a hurricane because the foam on top is green and orange.) Not bad, actually. But now I am out of carrots. I got the HUGE bag at Publix and have already gone through them all.

I am VERY much looking forward to juicing the watermelon (and the rind) because I looooooove watermelon. The small seedless ones were on sale at Publix so I have one already.

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